Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bishop of SL Diocese Issues Statement re: Prop 8, Solidarity with LDS Church

There's much going on in Utah with regard to Prop 8 -- protests on Temple Square, talks of boycotts of Utah events such as the Sundance Festival, continued news stories.

I was touched by this statement from the Most Reverend John C. Wester, Bishop of the Diocese of Salt Lake City. (The former bishop of the Diocese also issued a statement, and other leaders from other faiths are quoted here.)

It's important to remember that, as Bishop Wester said, "[O]ur two churches [Catholic and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints] joined with a wide alliance of people from different faiths and ethnicities including Orthodox, Jews, Evangelicals, Hispanics, African Americans, Asians and Anglos."

I also loved this from Bishop Wester, which is something that deserves repeating:

Our defense of traditional marriage should in no way be interpreted as an attack on any person. To the contrary, we honor the dignity and sacredness of each individual.

In my view, those who perpetuate a perception of hate and bigotry on the part of those who supported Prop 8 are in a very real sense contributing to the pain that has come with the passing of the proposition. To continue to assert that those who supported Prop 8 are nothing but hateful, uncaring, unChristlike people only fuels the fire of contention and division. Of course, this can go the other way as well...those of us who support Prop 8 cannot and should not respond in anger or disdain when others differ in their opinions. We must allow each other the space to disagree without dissolving into attacks and unkind generalizations. It's hard when we hurt not to do this, but it's so important for us all to think and act with open, loving hearts.

Again, from Bishop Wester:

One of the hallmarks of our country is that people of different opinions can debate neuralgic issues and at the same time demonstrate respect, civility and courtesy for the other. I pray that this will be the case going forward.

This is my prayer as well.

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Papa D said...

Well said, m&m. We can't soften basic doctrines, but the most fundamental one we can't soften is the command to love. I wish we all, collectively, were able to do so more completely.