Friday, November 14, 2008

"First Presidency Urges Respect, Civility in Public Discourse" [Updated]

The First Presidency today expressed its disappointment with how some people have responded to the passing of Proposition 8 in California.

"Attacks on churches and intimidation of people of faith have no place in civil discourse over controversial issues. People of faith have a democratic right to express their views in the public square without fear of reprisal. Efforts to force citizens out of public discussion should be deplored by people of goodwill everywhere."

They point out that the inappropriate and "extreme actions of a few" ought to be discouraged by all.

Read the whole statement here.

[Edited to add the following]

The Utah Pride Center and Equality Utah have also issued similar statements. Hats off to them as well. (Find links to their statements here.)

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MainTour said...

I'm starting to hear a lot of suggestions that we should be proactive in writing letters to the editors of newspapers to ask why are they not standing up for our right to partcipate in the democratic process.

If democracy doesn't work does that mean anarchy is okay?