Sunday, November 23, 2008

A touching story of repentance and forgiveness

Some of you may remember hearing about this mother and her three children (one unborn) who were killed by a drunk driver, and the amazing way her husband dealt with the tragedy.

I was reminded tonite (one of those little thoughts that passed through my mind) that President Faust talked about this man in his powerful talk on forgiveness.

Well, read this, a news story I read tonite. It brought tears to my eyes.

(If you didn't read all the links, you should. Really. OK, you don't need to read the first one (the actual news story, which is just plain sad), but the others are must-reads. I have a lump that remains in my throat even after reading them.)

Especially at this time when we reflect on the importance of gratitude and of the Savior's birth and life, stories like this just make me want to be a better person, more loving, more Christlike, more faithful, more forgiving.



Anonymous said...

thanks for that link m. it's been an amazing story to watch

Ginny said...

I saw this follow-up last night and was again struck and amazed at the good they have chosen to create (with much effort and pain, no doubt) from a horrific situation. I was also extremely impressed by the responsibility and maturity exhibited by the young man. I feel it is at least in part a direct response to the love and forgiveness he was shown. What an incredible example...all of it!!!

Mama D said...

Thanks for posting these links. It was nice to catch up on the story. What an amazing reaction - from both the bishop and the teen driver who caused the accident! It is encouraging to see such good come of such tragedy.