Monday, May 26, 2008

Reflections on Sacrifice

I have considered writing a post about my current struggles with health, with the unknown, and with the anguish of having my personal desires conflict directly at times with my circumstances. It's one of those times for me where I am having to dig deep into my reservoir of faith to face my fear of the unknown (and the known). It's a time when "Thy will be done" seems almost more than I think I can say.

But then I just 'happened' to read this post and was reminded of what can help me through this difficult time. It's not just our religion that demands sacrifice. Life itself presents opportunities, personalized paradoxes, that can test us to the core, Abraham-like.

Go read it. It's one of those posts that takes my breath away.


Cheryl said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow!! That post was amazing. I'm going to mention it over on my blog.

Isn't it interesting how we have to be reminded of the same things over and over and over before they become so ingrained in us that our actions change to match the knowledge? I know that is an entire subject and post in and of itself, but I found it interesting that you need to re-read something from years ago to endure the present situation. I know the Gospel is full of repitition (and remembering!), but it always interests me at how weak the natural man is and how we have to have that repition and memory...

Tiffany Wacaser said...

Thank you for sharing that post. Wonderful and worth rereading.

As one who also struggles with health issues that conflict with my righteous desires, I appreciate your candor.

Papa D said...

Thanks, m&m, for sharing this - and for allowing my wife to find that post.


m_and_m said...

cheryl, wow indeed. I'm glad you linked to it, too. It's just one of those posts that should be required reading. :) And yes, thank heaven for repetition!

swedemom, my heart goes out to you in your health struggles. If you ever want to chat about it all, email me. Hugs!

Ray, you and Michelle are welcome. I'm happy to be a vehicle for good material any time. :)

Anonymous said...


i like your blog very much, the way you write about your spiritual life, ponderings and struggles. beautiful!

reading the post you linked to this one, i had a thought i thought i might share (i hope you don't mind!)

i was a little surprised that i didn't love the post you linked about sacrifice more. i think this is because, i think that if our concept of sacrifice doesn't move beyond the label of 'loss' then we are really short-circuiting the spiritual power and resilience that can be gained as we pass through our trials. all loss brings about a grieving process, a process that is natural and beautiful, even, and that we all go through. and i think the ultimate last step, which that other post didn't quite get to, is turning our deepest feelings of loss into even deeper feelings of devotion. so when that author said, "sacrifice is loss", i was like, yeah, but don't stop there!! true and ultimate sacrifice is devotion. i'm sure you make sacrifices for your kids all the time, and that in your heart you're really doing it because you are completely devoted to them and their happiness. this is similar to christ's sacrifice for us, and should be the ultimate concept behind the sacrifices we offer up to him. again, i acknowledge full-well the grieving process, of working through other feelings as we make sacrifices, but i hope that eventually everyone can pass through "loss," to the point of labeling their sacrifices as acts of love, for the lord :)

m_and_m said...

Thanks for your comment. I actually don't disagree with you, and I don't think the author does either. I think his point was that sacrificing our wills is a form of devotion and love. As we lose our lives, we find them in Christ. But perhaps he could have explored that more fully, and I like what you have shared. Thanks again.