Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another M&M!

I read a blog post today that gave some tips on blogging. At the end of his post is a list of different Mormon blog aggregators. (I didn't realize there were so many!) I thought I would check out one I hadn't seen before, and see who was there. There were many familiar blogs, and many that weren't. I was surprised to find my blog there (sometimes you have to request to be part of an aggregator site).

All the while, I thought I had a clever and unique enough handle, but it looks like there is another M&M on the blogck (that spelling was intentional, but it doesn't really work, does it?) -- and her name is Michelle, too. Whooda thunk. :)

If you ever wonder who is who, I don't have any graphic design talent at all, and it appears this woman does. It appears she even did a web design for Nancy Turner, who wrote a book I really enjoyed (and I'm not much of a novel fan). I thought that was cool.

Anyway, once in a while a random blog post is fun, right? I just got a kick out of that. But I thought it might also be good to point out that that M&M is not mullingandmusing me. :)


Anonymous said...

Michelle, m&m's do tend to come by the handful. I thought it was a generally accepted notion, though, that while we might try the nutty kind and the crackly kind, we're ultimately loyal to our favorite kind, the original. There's only ONE of those.

m_and_m said...

Ah, Ardis. Thanks for the smile and the out-loud giggle.

[I just had a song pop into my head: "I'm a little bit nutty, and I'm a little bit peanut roll...." That doesn't really work, either, does it? Ah, well, I'm a little off today. What can I say? Can I blame it on this blasted migraine that has been hanging on for over a week now? Grrrr....]

Papa D said...

Migraine works as a reason for my wife (Michelle), so it should work for you!

What Ardis said.

Cheryl said...

I'm not the only cheryl out there, but like you, I like to feel original. :)

And holy cow! I'm on that blog roll as well. Who knew?