Friday, June 06, 2008

"[Radical] Feminism has betrayed an entire generation of women...."

[I added the bracketed qualifier because I don't want to be misunderstood as dismissing all of feminism as a whole.]

This article is well worth a read...written by the daughter of an icon in radical feminism. I loved how she concluded the article:

Yes, feminism has undoubtedly given women opportunities. It's helped open the doors for us at schools, universities and in the workplace. But what about the problems it's caused for my contemporaries?

...I believe feminism is an experiment, and all experiments need to be assessed on their results. Then, when you see huge mistakes have been paid, you need to make alterations....

I am my own woman and I have discovered what really matters - a happy family.

I appreciated how J. Max Wilson (to whom I owe the hat tip) tied the article into what Pres. Eyring's article said this month in the Ensign. I also appreciate his comments about the sacrifices of his mother. My mother made similar sacrifices, and I believe her choices will have positive influence and impact for generations to come. We are so fortunate to have the leadership of prophets who lead us in the path to eternal happiness.

I am struck by articles like this one that resonate with what the prophets teach -- that the most important things we will do in this life (and, should we add, in the next) will be related to family.


Papa D said...

Amen, Sister. Amen

Justine said...

what a great article. so well articulated. thanks for sharing!

djinn said...
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