Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When it Rains it Pours

We really, really like the rain. We were loving the pounding against our roof yesterday. We loved watching the big drops splash in the street.

We loved it, that is, until the rain decided to enter our entry way.

I am so grateful I heard something before I went to bed (although disappointed that my efforts to go to bed early were thwarted...trying to get these headaches under control). The antique buffet, still moved away from the wall from our earlier leak problems (we've had workers come out three times to fix the problem -- but if anything, things are worse), was getting dripped on. I caught it before it really became disastrous (the water had not yet entered the drawer or cabinet where pictures are stored, and was still on the surface enough to be quickly dried off, and it hadn't taken over the floor yet).

Hubby was already in bed. I got a big bucket for the new leak, and arranged some more towels around the other bucket to trap the water streaming rapidly down the wall.

I jumped online to see what time it was in Australia; the only people I knew with a ladder I could use at that time of night were in Australia vacationing! I got their permission to use their spare key that we happen to have to get their ladder. (Yeah, well, what do you do at midnight?)

I reluctantly woke my husband. We managed to get some holes punched in our vaulted entryway ceiling so the water doesn't pool behind the paint and do more hidden damage.

I woke up this morning to a LOT of water in that big bucket. And the realization that we are going to have to replace our roof. But with the realization that things could have been a lot worse had this happened while we were sleeping.


Life stays interesting.

BTW, my good husband's first action was to pray. He prayed that a miracle might come about, that the rain might stop over our house.

It is now snowing.

[p.s. That IS a blessing, because it slows the direct flow of water. Right now, there is no dripping, and no stream of water down our wall. So the blessing came in a different form, but I'm still gonna count it as a blessing.]


Cheryl said...

LOL! I shouldn't laugh about the snow, but it's one of those laughs that start before you begin to sob, you know? So it counts. :)

Sorry for your roof! But grateful you were up to hear it...

Ginny said...

i am soooo sorry for the water hassles. i hate water, despite its critical role in my life! i am sooo glad nothing was devastated by the leak. and i laughed big out loud when you wondered what time it was in australia. i was so confused as to why that thought would come to mind and loved the resolution as to the reasoning.

good luck with the roof replacement!!! ugh.

m_and_m said...

Cheryl, I realized before I had a chance to edit that I needed to clarify that the snow is actually a huge blessing. It stops the flow of water significantly, if not altogether.

Added a little edit to clarify that. I feel like the snow can be counted as an answer to prayer at this point!

Angie said...

Oh my! Living in the land of little or no rain, it's difficult for me to remember the devastation that comes when it does.

It is so interesting and wonderful when we realize the myriad ways our prayers are answered. I hope the damage is now contained and can be fixed without too much further hassle. So glad you were awake to nip it all in the bud.

Emily M. said...

Oh, what a hassle! I'm so sorry about the roof. And I'm glad someone is glad about the snow!