Monday, February 09, 2009

Favorite Church Ads

I just checked out some Homefront videos I hadn't seen before...don't know if they are new or I am just out of the loop.

(If you are old enough to know what Homefront is, just call that another age test...hehe). (Many more Mormon video links can be found here.)

Anyway, I then found this one, which has always been one of my faves, and, I'll admit, always, always makes me tear up. (I'm sappy like that.))

If you are old enough to have favorite Church ads (just kidding...they still have them), I'd love to hear what they are/were. Include YouTube links if you have them. Such a fun way to spend a few minutes.

(Brings back memories cuz my dad was a tour guide at Temple Square back in the day and we would go watch shows (movies and others)...when Homefront was really popular.)


In The Doghouse said...

When you drop your child off at the MTC they have all these "tear jerkers" playing on the televisions as you wait for the meeting to begin. Paleeeeze as if you aren't emotional enough already at that point. I think it is an evil advice to all first time droppers..."Don't look at the TV's at all cost!"

Seriously, these commercials are great!

Anonymous said...

thanks M. I love this, but I despised the one with the naughty(misunderstood) girl named Michelle because I was so naughty(misunderstood) and my brothers teased me about it relentlessly.

m_and_m said...

Ah, In The Doghouse, I don't remember the videos, but agree with how much the MTC is an emotionally draining experience. (For the missionary, once you get past that corner, it's actually pretty cool. But I made the mistake of looking back toward my mom right before I did that. Bad. Bad. Bad.)

Michelle, ok, you are going to have to remind me which one had a Michelle in it.

Ginny said...

you must be old...i don't remember the tour guide thing at all!!