Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Enjoy some great Christmas music!

I love it when artists are willing to share their talents in ways that don't *require* that you purchase something. Hats off to Jon Schmidt for sharing his gift. (If you haven't ever heard his stuff, it's worth a listen.)

Right now, he has hours of Christmas music that automatically stream from his home page. I've been enjoying it as background music while I'm at the computer and working in the house.

He also has some free MP3s and sheet music you can download, and a whole bunch of other music you can play through the playlist.

Ahhhhh. Love it.


Ginny said...

yay! thanks for sharing this!

Mama D said...

Fantastic! I'm listening right now. Love Christmas music and love this. Thanks for sharing the link.

Blue said...

my favorite source for infinite variety of free streaming music is

you seed a station with a song(s) or artist(s) (as many as you like) and it builds a playlist based on your prefs. While you can't replay a song, you can pause them, and give them a thumbs up or down to further train your station. You can skip songs you don't like...but only so many songs in one hour. You can click to get more info about the song, artist, album, or purchase it directly if you like it. It's the greatest innovation. I especially love it for Christmas time. You can also search "stations" made by other people and make them your own. and then further customize it. so easy and cool.