Monday, November 19, 2007

Missionary Meme

BiV, I'm finally getting to that meme! (And I'm doing it because I love you...even though I'm not a huge fan of these things. This is one with some good purpose, so on we go....)

Here are the rules--
1. Answer the three missionary questions

1. Did you serve a mission, and where?
Yes, I served in South America.

2. What was your best missionary experience?
One I wrote about recently...talking for hours with a women who had read the whole Book of Mormon and bombarded us with questions, and finally breaking through to help her understand about authority and ordinances. The other was watching Roberto get baptized, about a week before I left. (That's a funny story, too, because we had to bail out the baptismal font...someone had left it undrained. Yuck.)

3. Who is the most missionary-oriented leader you have ever had?
Hm. Hard one to answer. I think Elder Lynn Mickelsen is one who had the greatest impact on my view of missionary work -- open your mouth, all of the time! Teach in every opportunity! He helped me understand the power of the Spirit when we teach the gospel. His teaching changed my mission and my life, because as I taught more, I received a specific testimony of Joseph Smith's divine calling, something I had desired for a long time.

2. Do the missionary activity and return and report.
Ask a random stranger if they have ever heard about the Mormon Church, and if they would like to know more (Golden Question)
(I'll report when I actually do it!)

3. Tag 5 of your friends.

I tag Eric, Connor, Téa, and Tanya. (Having a mental block for #5)


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Posted. :)

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Better late than never. I enjoyed your experiences.