Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

OK, so Naiah tagged me and now I need to share five things about me that you may not know. Since you don't know much about me, that really shouldn't be hard....

I can recite the names of all of the children in my kindergarten class. In alphabetical order. On demand (if I'm in the mood). I've performed this amazing feat for at least one ward talent show. I think it's one of the things that impressed my husband most about me....

I graduated from BYU with two degrees (over a course of six years), without finding a husband. (That was not for lack of trying, mind you!) I joke that I should have received a tuition refund....

I can touch my tongue to my nose. My youngest child is pretty proud that she also shares in this amazing talent. (Wow. Two hidden talents revealed in one post. Are you impressed?)

I served in a mission in South America in the same country where my father served, where his father served, and where my parents are now serving.

I recently discovered that the boys over at ABEV are not-too-distant cousins of mine. We have the same great-great grandparents. (If they don't want people to know that they are related to me, then pretend you don't know.) :)

I want to tag Téa, Tigersue and my pear-tickling friend, if they are up to playing. :)


Jordan said...

Greetings, Cousin! :)

Which child of George F. do you descend through?

A fellow in my ward also has George F. in his ancestry- only George F. is his great-grandfather. Funny thing is that he is not much older than me, but still the generation ahead! :)

He has this fantastic book about the life of George F., written by his children, that he let me borrow once. I have been trying to figure out where I can get a copy. Do you have a copy, and if so, how did you get it?

M&M said...

Joel is my great-grandpa. I don't have a copy of that book, but if you ever figure out how to get a hold of one, will you please let me know? :)

Sylvia said...

Thanks for thinking of me!!!

Naiah Earhart said...

As for the kindergarten thing, I have but one question--To what purpose was it ever seen fit to memorize your classmates' names in alphabetical order?

You joke about wanting a refund, but I think it's great that you actually went to college to go to college. The whole "find a husband first semester and then drop out" thing actually gets me pretty riled. not that I'm against marriage--at all, but education is important. I lived in an area where not everyone got to go to BYU, and it always struch me as bothersome that so many girls who had no intentions of actually pursuing a degree would take up slots that otherwise coudl be filled by more intent students. So, I'm *thrilled* that you made it thorugh not one, but two degrees sans marriage!!! Some sisters need to do it!

I can roll my tongue. My husband can't. Our son can. :)

Mission legacy--way cool.

I'm not related to anyone in the nacle that I know of (uh, maybe because I have yet to begin my geneology...), but Bookslinger and I went to the same prep school. :)

Good choice of tags!

M&M said...


I didn't intentionally memorize my kindergarten roll call...that's part of what is so funny about it all. It's just THERE. I think we must have heard it every day, so even if I get Alheimer's someday, I'll probably still be able to recite it. :)

As for women and education...I have been a big advocate of women and education for years, and have had opportunity to counsel girls to not ignore the need for education even as they have their sites set on married life. But don't be too hard on girls who end up getting married. I am not sure that all of those girls who do drop out come into school with an intention of doing so. In fact, it was always interesting to me to see those who planned to do missions and education and all find Mr. Right and often also start a family. Then there are people like me who was sure I would get married earlier than later, and ended up with a totally different path. All the planning in the world couldn't change God's plan for me, ya know?

Sometimes, I think it takes a while for some young women to really catch the vision of how important education is. In fact, for all that I loved school, it took me a long time to figure out why I was in college and catch that vision. But I needed to be there to "get it." I would rather have young women heading in a educational direction even if they aren't completely sure about the value of it all, then have them float around flipping burgers until they find Mr. Right. :)

Incidentally, I am grateful I was able to get the education I did, but I can't help but be a bit envious of the girls who get an earlier start on their families. But for whatever reason, the plan God had for me was to find my guy later than most. I would never encourage my path, though. :)

I think there is room for both marriage and education, if one has the will. My sister, for example, got a double-major one class at a time while bearing and raising four of her six children! But I was impressed that she didn't put off having her family to get the education (which I realize you aren't necessarily advocating, either, but I'm just sayin'....) (I wouldn't want a young woman to go to BYU who had no social intentions, either, and take up the slot for someone who wanted both the benefit of a good education and the benefit of the LDS social environment BYU offers. :) It IS one of the reasons it's a good place for LDS young people. :) )

OK, sorry for the longwinded response. Anytime someone gets me going on the women and education balance issue, I go overboard. :)

Téa said...

Heh heh heh, looks like my procrastination, er, writer's block paid off and I avoided the snark =)

I'm working on it, though, hard to come up with things that people don't really know that I wouldn't mind them knowing, you know?

M&M said...

thick head here...how did you avoid the snark? I know what you mean about coming up with things...it took a few iterations for me to do my list.

Got your Christmas card! So fun! Thanks for remembering us! (We aren't sending them out this year...that was the thing that had to go this year for me.) :(

Téa said...

This tag meme and its participants got snarked a few days back, and I noticed I had a lot of people coming to my blog from this entry. I'm guessing at least one of them was to see if I'd started playing =)

M&M said...

THIS got snarked? Funny. All of four people (who interact with each other anyway) ended up doing it. I don't quite see what is snark-worthy about that. Sorry to pull you into something of such a reputation. ;) (Sorry to Tigersue and Sylvia, too.) Maybe the snarker is low on fodder because of the holidays....