Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whoa -- it's no wonder prophets talk about the importance of education

We live in a world that is mind-boggling. Check this out.


m_and_m said...

yeah, and I think that was supposed to be "Sony" not "Sonny." But I didn't make the video, I just posted it. :)

I also think about recent counsel from (e.g., Elder Ballard, Elder Perry and others) to help get positive info about the Church. I love the way the Church is riding the information wave so actively.

Ian said...

You'd never know that in my ward. People don't seem to have any idea that the church website has a website for this ward, or that that site contains contact information on each member.

All this good stuff that no one is using...

Amanda D said...

Interesting. Makes me want to turn my computer off. :)

Michaela Stephens said...

The presentation asked "So what does it all mean?"

I agree that it illustrates the importance of education.

I also think that it illustrates the importance of acquiring problem-solving skills, razor-sharp prioritizing skill, plenty of love and kindness.. Anyone have anything to add?

m_and_m said...

I'm sorry I haven't been good on this post about responding to comments. Life has been crazy as of late.

Ian, I'm so sad to hear that. Do you have a ward web person? This kind of stuff makes me a little crazy...we have so many good resources. It takes a while, though, for people to change gears. Keep trying, brother!

Amanda...I know what you mean. It's all a little overwhelming.

Michaela, good thoughts. I esp. like the razor-sharp prioritizing skills.

This also makes me think of Elder Bednar's recent talk about the dangers of virtual reality, etc. Anyone here see that? Wowza. All sorts of wowza.