Saturday, March 22, 2008

If you just can't make it to the cannery.... can now get some of the items shipped to you! Cases of pinto beans, quick oats, wheat, and white rice can now be purchased and shipped (in the US) for about $8.00 more per case than you would pay at the cannery. Not a bad option for those times when you want to stock up but have a hard time getting to the cannery (or don't have one close).

I still just like working at the cannery when I can, though....


Alison Moore Smith said...

I love canneries and have been a junkie for about 15 years. I have way too much food storage, but I love the atmosphere, the cooperative environment, the service aspect. It's just all so united orderish to me.

My dad is a service missionary at the Lindon cannery. Bless all those souls who give such service.

Papa D said...


Sorry for intruding here, but I posted an apology and full explanation on ZD. Apparently, everyone misunderstood, and I did a lousy job of explaining. Here is my apology, since I want to guarantee you get it personally from me.

"m&m, I thought I was clear. Man, I have to apologize to everyone and just go to bed.

I originally wanted to make the point that I did in my first comment, that it was legitimate for you and others to feel upset about the post. However, as I started to make that simple point, it struck me that the post was about hyperbolic parody, so I mistakenly resorted to that type of parody and made the initial comment a long one - then branched into talk of racist rants and other examples, thinking it would be clear I was speaking hyperbolically to make the point - since the entire post was hyperbolic parody. When it became obvious that people weren’t getting the hyperbole - that they thought I was equating their reactions to racism, I came clean and admitted it was hyperbole.

I didn’t mean that I was making fun of you and others. I meant that I was making fun of the reactions, and I went way too far. I was apologizing for stirring the pot so radically, when all I meant to do was object in a funny way - “in the spirit of the original post”. Obviously, it wasn’t funny to them, and, obviously, it wasn’t funny to you.

I really messed up this one, so I really am bowing out. I extend my apology to both sides, even if my initial point (that not everybody gets hyperbole) was proven in the process. I didn’t mean to make that point by offending everybody on both sides of the discussion. I meant to be funny and botched the attempt horribly."

I admire greatly what you write in the Bloggernacle and meant to defend your response. I can't say how sorry I am for how miserably I failed. If nothing else, it taught me that my resolution to be more kind and caring and gentle really is a good one. I am so sorry I had to learn that more deeply through such a stupid attempt at humor.


Papa D said...

I hope you don't mind that I put a link to your blog on mine. If you want me to remove it, just let me know. Either way, I would like your input on mine occasionally.

M&M said...

Ray, you bet, that's fine.