Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An Example of Why "Two-deep Leadership" is a Good Idea

This story reiterates to me the importance of always having two adults when a man is working with children: to have an adult witness in case accusations are made. If this man is truly innocent, this is a horrible tragedy in his life.


SilverRain said...

It is not unheard-of that a child will make up a story to get attention. It's a delicate situation. It's hard to discern truth from error when the stakes are so high on both sides.

Doug Towers said...

Sadly in the state I am living a law was passed that if a person is found to be lying about a sex accusation that they can't be charged or sued. They claimed they needed to make this law so that victims wouldn't be afraid of prosecution.

I have to agree with God in the law of Moses. If a person is found to be giving false evidence they should recieve the same penalty that the person would recieve if convicted.

"Victims" can sue for compensation or have the government pay a minimum of $25,000. There is, or course, a large list of such "offences" on trial.

The only reason I'm living here is because God told me to.